Breastfeeding is a contentious topic for so many reasons. It should be a time of relaxing, and comforting baby. Instead it becomes a ‘stressful chore’, which should not be seen as that. Some mothers see themselves as a cow. While others compare their breast to a bottle, thinking they will run ‘out of milk’. Did you know that  new born (until they can see) does not know they are being fed by the breast? There is much more to just putting baby to the breast. The brain is the powerhouse to the body. Hormones were there for conception, pregnancy, labour and birth. The hormones continue breastfeeding too. When mother puts baby to the breast there is an invisible connection that only a mother and baby knows. We can see the physical connection, but the connection spoken of here goes much deeper than the physical. What is shared here is to help you view this in a different way, to build your confidence.

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