The Power of Massage in Pregnancy: Interview with Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward is a Pregnancy Massage Therapist and Doula. Since qualifying in pregnancy massage in 2002, Laura’s passion has been to truly accompany mothers on the whole of their birthing journey, a passion re-enforced by becoming a Doula ten years ago. In this interview, Laura shares her experiences of working with expectant and new mothers, and how by having a continuous sense of support, skill and understanding; women can develop and discover the inner confidence, power and strength they need to carry them through the birthing process and into motherhood.

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates: Interview with Nikki Williams-Quamina

What’s the truth about Pilates for Pregnancy? Is it safe? Are there benefits? Will I enjoy it? How can I find out more?

As part of our focus on Relaxation during the month of March we invited Pilates Instructor Nikki Williams-Quamina to chat with us and share some insights about Pregnancy Pilates. Nikki runs her own business, Devolin-Mai Pilates, teaching Pilates to women both during pregnancy and post-childbirth period.

However, one of the hidden bonuses contained within this interview is that Nikki is also an experienced Midwife and in the course of the interview shares some really valuable information. Don’t miss!

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IBCLC Lactation Consultant: Interview with Maria Yasnova

Maria Yasnova is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a member of the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain with over a decade’s worth of experience successfully supporting mothers in building and nurturing satisfying breastfeeding relationships with their baby or babies. In this interview Maria shares valuable insights and evidence based information, especially for mothers-to-be, toward establishing breastfeeding.

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Breast Connection is the Best Connection, pt.2

Breastfeeding can be challenging but with the right information and approach things can change for the better.

When a baby is put to the breast there is a connection that is not seen but can only be felt by mother and baby. With a baby moving around and crying it can be become distressing. Here are some tips to help you get into a space of understanding and patience because that is what breastfeeding needs.

What is shared:

  • It is not breastfeeding to a new born
  • Comfort is the first priority, then feeding
  • Why babies cry
  • It takes time to understand the language of your baby
  • Breastfeeding is totally new with each child
  • Repeating helps to raise confidence. It’s all training

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The Breast Connection

Breastfeeding is a contentious topic for so many reasons. It should be a time of relaxing, and comforting baby. Instead it becomes a ‘stressful chore’, which should not be seen as that. Some mothers see themselves as a cow. While others compare their breast to a bottle, thinking they will run ‘out of milk’. Did you know that  new born (until they can see) does not know they are being fed by the breast? There is much more to just putting baby to the breast. The brain is the powerhouse to the body. Hormones were there for conception, pregnancy, labour and birth. The hormones continue breastfeeding too. When mother puts baby to the breast there is an invisible connection that only a mother and baby knows. We can see the physical connection, but the connection spoken of here goes much deeper than the physical. What is shared here is to help you view this in a different way, to build your confidence.

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VBAC is Possible!

VBAC means Vaginal Birth After Caesarean section. Once again this subject is being spoken on to empower, uplift and educate VBAC mothers. As well as educate and inform those who would like to know more about it. This pod cast will cover:

– The negative feelings behind the previous birth experience.

– The effects of the previous birth on this pregnancy

– The obstetric history – its impact on this pregnancy

– The support and information

– Preparing for labour

VBAC mothers are fighters from beginning to end. Let’s support them. VIVA VBAC!!

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