Moms in Property: Interview with Dolapo Oni, Real estate investor and developer

In this week’s episode we welcome Dolapo Oni, a UK based Real estate investor, serial property entrepreneur, investor, mentor & host of the Property Mom Podcast, to discuss her personal journey into property investing and share her tips toward financial freedom and building long term wealth.

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How to Develop the Right Pregnancy Mindset: Interview with Dr Ruth Oshikanlu, MBE

Dr Ruth Oshikanlu, MBE is a multi-award-winning nurse, author, midwife and health visitor. In this episode we discuss how she became a Pregnancy Mindset Expert and how her service helps support pregnant women who are scared that they may lose their babies in pregnancy. We also discuss her book, Tune In To Your Baby.

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Nutrition, Fertility and Womb Health: Interview with Claudine Thornhill, award winning Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach

In this episode we welcome Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach, Claudine Thornhill, to discuss her hormone balancing programs and how they enable women to have better periods, address womb health issues and transition through perimenopause and menopause with ease.

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Superwomen, Strong Children and Wellness: Interview with Paediatrician, CEO and Podcast host, Dr Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo

Dr. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo has been a US based board certified pediatrician for over 15 years and an academic faculty for over a decade, providing coaching and mentorship programs for physicians of color. She is CEO of Strong Children Wellness, an innovative telemedicine practice that addresses both unmet health and social needs for families in New York and also the founder of Melanin, Medicine & Motherhood.

In this episode we speak on getting the best out of your paediatrician and why this is so important, why being a Superwoman doesn’t mean being stressed and burnout and why women of colour must develop a culture of having support after birth.

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Tips for minimising stress in a COVID-19 world: Interview with Psychotherapist, Kim Evans

Kimberly-Anne Evans is a UK based Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Mental Health Consultant for individuals and businesses. In this episode, drawing upon her experience of helping survivors of trauma, anxiety and depression move forward from their experiences, Kim speaks on what happens to our body when we get stressed; the body-mind connection and our connection with baby; grounding exercises; visualisations and other ways to cope with stress.

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Finding Peace in a World of Turmoil: Interview with Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Joy Langley

Joy Langley is a UK based coach and  Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) with over 15 years experience. She’s supported hundreds of clients via private healthcare schemes and her own private practice to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Chronic stress is linked to many leading causes of death and in this fireside chat interview Joy shares a wealth of insights into understanding your unique stress profile and the tools that work for you to relax, have more positive mental shifts and help you to get back to your “Happy Place”!

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The Power of Massage in Pregnancy: Interview with Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward is a Pregnancy Massage Therapist and Doula. Since qualifying in pregnancy massage in 2002, Laura’s passion has been to truly accompany mothers on the whole of their birthing journey, a passion re-enforced by becoming a Doula ten years ago. In this interview, Laura shares her experiences of working with expectant and new mothers, and how by having a continuous sense of support, skill and understanding; women can develop and discover the inner confidence, power and strength they need to carry them through the birthing process and into motherhood.

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates: Interview with Nikki Williams-Quamina

What’s the truth about Pilates for Pregnancy? Is it safe? Are there benefits? Will I enjoy it? How can I find out more?

As part of our focus on Relaxation during the month of March we invited Pilates Instructor Nikki Williams-Quamina to chat with us and share some insights about Pregnancy Pilates. Nikki runs her own business, Devolin-Mai Pilates, teaching Pilates to women both during pregnancy and post-childbirth period.

However, one of the hidden bonuses contained within this interview is that Nikki is also an experienced Midwife and in the course of the interview shares some really valuable information. Don’t miss!

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